Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 Ottawa County, KS Medicare Advantage Plan

CMS Rating:Humana Gold Choice H2944-197, a 2014 Medicare Advantage plan for Ottawa County, KS seniors, has an average CMS rating of 0.0 out of 5 stars.
Plan Year:2014
Monthly Premium:$24.00
Includes Part D:No
Part D Deductible:$0.00
Mail Order Pharmacy:No
Part D Gap Coverage:
Plan ID:H2944-197
For Residents Of:Ottawa County, KS
Plan Brochure:Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 Medicare Advantage plan Summary of Benefits for Ottawa County, KS

Medicare Advantage Plan Summary & Benefits

Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 Medicare Advantage Plan for Ottawa County, Kansas seniors on Medicare.Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 (H2944-197), Private Fee-for-Service Advantage Plan, Ottawa County, KS by Humana Insurance Company

Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 is a Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) health insurance for people with Medicare in Ottawa County, Kansas. With a Medicare Advantage PFFS plan you can see almost any doctor you choose, as long as the provider accepts the plan's Terms and Conditions of Payment. Many Private Fee-for-Service plans combine all the benefits of Original Medicare, prescription drug coverage and many extras into one simple, easy-to-use plan. If that's what you want, be sure to read all of the details. The monthly premium is $24.00.

The Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 Private Fee-for-Service plan works differently than a Medicare Supplement (Medigap). With a Medicare Advantage PFFS plan your doctor or hospital can continue to treat you if it agrees to accept the terms and conditions of payment. For the same reason, they can choose not to treat you (with the exception of emergencies).

Maximum Out-of-Pocket (MOOP) Expense

The new healthcare law allows for a maximum limit of $6,700 on your out of pocket medical costs for 2014 Medicare Advantage plans. This amount is commonly called the plan MOOP (Maximum Out of Pocket). A plan's MOOP does not include your prescriptions or the monthly premiums you pay for your health plan.

Although the mandatory MOOP limit is $6,700, the Affordable Care Act law allows for a “Voluntary MOOP” that can be as low as $3,400. The MOOP on this plan is N/A. You need to take this figure into as much consideration as the premiums and the co-payments.

If you are comparing this Medicare Advantage plan with your Original Medicare benefits, take into consideration that the government does not have out-of-pocket limits on Medicare Parts A and B. With traditional Medicare the only way to protect yourself is to purchase a Medigap insurance policy to supplement your coverage.

CMS 5-Star Rating

To help shoppers compare private health insurance options, Medicare rates the quality of all Medicare Advantage plans. The Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services rates each plan using a one to five-star scale, with one star representing the lowest quality and five stars the highest.

The Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 Medicare Advantage plan is new and has not yet been rated by CMS. This is why the plan's rating is listed as 0 out of 5 stars (as of 15 October, 2013).

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Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 Availability

Humana Gold Choice H2944-197 is available in Bennington, Minneapolis, Delphos, Tescott, and all other locations in Ottawa County.

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