Senior Care Plus: Freedom Rx Plan for Carson City, NV

Senior Care Plus: Freedom Rx Plan
Summary Rating:This Medicare drug plan has an average rating of 3.0
Part C Premium:
Part D Deductible:$0.00
Mail Order:No
Gap Coverage:Many Generics
Formulary Drugs:3469
Plan ID:H2906-007
Plan Year:2014
Residents of:NV Residents
Plan Type:Local PPO
Summary of Benefits:Not Available

Medicare Advantage Plan Summary & Benefits

Senior Care Plus: Freedom Rx Plan, NV Medicare Advantage PlanSenior Care Plus: Freedom Rx Plan (H2906-007), Preferred Provider Organization Advantage Plan, Carson City County, NV

Senior Care Plus: Freedom Rx Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) healthcare plan for seniors and other beneficiaries in Carson City County, NV with Medicare benefits. A Medicare Advantage PPO plan gives you freedom to choose which doctors, specialists, and hospitals you visit. You can lower your costs when you use network providers. Plus, predictable copayments and coinsurance make it easier for you to budget healthcare costs.

The plan information presented on this page is a summary, but not a complete description of available benefits. Comprehensive information about the plan benefits is available from your agent.

Summary of Benefits

When this page was published the Summary of Benefits document for this 2014 health plan was not available. Please Ask an Agent for the Summary of Benefits documentation before choosing this plan.

Monthly Premium

The monthly premium for this health insurance plan in Carson City County is $22.00 plus your monthly Medicare Part B premium. Most Medicare beneficiaries pay the standard monthly Part B premium in addition to their MA or MAPD plan premium. However, some beneficiaries are required to pay slightly higher Part B and Medicare Part D premiums because of their income (over $85,000 per year for singles or $170,000 for married couples), or due to late enrollment penalties.

Part D Prescription Drug Plan Information

This plan includes prescription drug coverage. The formulary (00014446) has a total of 3,469 prescription medications.

If you have Part D assistance, your premium will be adjusted based on your percentage.

Formulary Drug Details:Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
  — Drugs per Tier:3241719418588408
  — Cost-Sharing in ICP:$4.00$10.00$45.00$80.0033%

The Medicare Part D deductible with this health plan is $0.00. That means you have first dollar coverage.

Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) Benefit

The new healthcare law allows for a maximum limit of $6,700 on your out of pocket medical costs for 2014 Medicare Advantage plans. This amount is commonly called the plan MOOP (Maximum Out of Pocket). A plan's MOOP does not include your prescription drugs or the monthly premiums you pay for your health plan. Although the mandatory MOOP limit is $6,700, the Affordable Care Act law allows for a “Voluntary MOOP” that can be as low as $3,400. The MOOP on this plan is $3,400 .

Doctor Visits

Most Medicare health plans require you to make a co-payment (aka, copay) when you visit your primary care physician or a doctor. Here's how this plan works:

  • $15 co-payment for each visit to your primary care physician.
  • $40 co-payment for each visit to a specialist covered by Medicare.
  • $30 co-payment for each visit to your primary care physician.
  • $70 co-payment for each visit to a specialist covered by Medicare.

Urgent Care Doctor Visits

Urgent care is the delivery of ambulatory medical care outside of a hospital emergency department on a walk-in basis without a scheduled appointment. Here's how Urgent Care works with this plan:

  • $25 to $60 co-payment for urgent care treatment covered by Medicare.
  • If you are immediately admitted to the hospital you pay $0 for the urgent care treatment.

Emergency Care

Emergency care is medical attention for patients with acute illnesses or injuries which require immediate medical attention. Here's how Emergency Care works with this plan:

  • $65 co-payment for emergency room treatments covered by Medicare.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • If you are immediately admitted to the hospital you pay $0 for the emergency room treatment.

Ambulance Service

Most health plans do not cover transportation to and from medical services. The exception, of course, is when you have an emergency or when non-ambulatory. Here's how this plan covers ambulance service:

  • $250 co-payment for ambulance benefits covered by Medicare.
  • 30% of the cost for ambulance benefits covered by Medicare.

Inpatient Treatment (Hospital Stays)

A patient who is admitted to a hospital or clinic for treatment that requires at least one overnight stay is an inpatient. Most health plans have a tiered cost structure for inpatient treatment. Here's how this plan covers hospital stays:

  • There is no limit to the number of days covered by the plan per stay in the hospital.
  • For hospital stay covered by Medicares:
  • Days 1 - 5: $350 co-payment per day.
  • .
  • Days 6 - 90: $0 co-payment per day.
  • $0 co-payment for additional non-Medicare-covered hospital days.
  • Except in the case of an emergency your physician must let the plan know when you are to be admitted into the hospital.
  • $500 co-payment [or 30% of the cost] for each hospital stay covered by Medicare.
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