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Greetings Arizona seniors, and welcome! If you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan for Arizona seniors with Medicare, you’re in the right place. An Advantage Plan is an approved HMO or PPO healthcare plan that you can elect to replace your Original Medicare private-fee-for-service benefits. They are designed to save you money and reduce your financial risk.

Be aware that some Arizona counties have more plans than others. In fact, Medicare Advantage Plans are not available in all counties. Availability is based on established hospital and doctor networks. Find and click on your county below to see plans.


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We maintain an exclusive list of Medicare insurance agents and agencies licensed to sell Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona. Click Here to see your agents. You can request confidential quotes online to compare rates.

Medicare Advantage vs. Original Medicare with Medigap: Arizona Full Coverage Choices

Many seniors worry that a Medicare Advantage Plan will limit their services. If this is your worry, there is a second way to get full coverage healthcare. Medicare supplemental insurance combined and a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan work with your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits to give you the best coverage possible. If you are not aware of the benefits offered by Medicare Supplement insurance in Arizona, and how this type of plan protects you from excessive deductibles, co-insurances and co-pays, visit our Medicare Supplement Insurance page. All supplements sold in Arizona are standardized and regulated by the state. That means you can shop for the lowest price and rest assured that you’ll get all of the same benefits.

When and How to Enroll in a Arizona Medicare Advantage Plan

Arizona Medicare Advantage PlansMedicare Advantage open enrollment for Arizona beneficiaries, called the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), happens every year starting on the 1st of October. AEP ends on the 7th of December, and your new plan election starts on the 1st of January. If you are new to Medicare, you are given a one-time Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). For most folks, their IEP happens then they reach age 65. In rare cases, Medicare will grant a special enrollment period. If you miss your IEP or the AEP, you’ll have to wait until the next AEP to enroll, so mark your calendar.

Are you ready to enroll, but you’re not quite sure how? No problem, it’s easy! Most Arizona seniors use an independent Medicare insurance agent to walk them through the whole process. Your agent is well versed in all of the plans available in your county, and they will help you compare plan features without trying to sell you on one plan or another. In fact, by law agents are required to follow strict selling and marketing guidelines. It’s all for your protection. If you’d rather not use a local agent, you can go directly to Click here to get started.

Medicare Advantage Plan in Arizona vs. Obamacare

Like a lot of Arizona seniors, you might be wondering how the new Obamacare law and the Arizona State Health Insurance Exchange affect Medicare Advantage Plans. In general, the new healthcare law leaves MA plans virtually unchanged. There are new rules specifying a medical loss ratio for the carriers, but that’s about it.

You might also be interested to know that your Arizona Health Insurance Exchange (where Obamacare plans are sold) will not assist people with Medicare benefits. In other words, you can’t trade your Medicare or purchase additional health insurance on the state health insurance exchange (HIX). If you call the Arizona HIX hotline, they will simply redirect you to If you qualify for Extra Help, due to your income status, go to your local Social Security Administration office. Learn more about the healthcare law at

About Our Arizona Medicare Advantage (Part C) Information receives Medicare health insurance information from public files on the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website. Although we do our best to regularly update our databases, we are not able to ensure the exactness of the information. You must use a licensed insurance agent to get an accurate and binding quote. For additional helpful information visit CMS on the web at

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Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona

The following Medicare Advantage Plans are available in Arizona, ordered by most available. Consult your county page for availability in your area.

  • Humana Reader"s Digest Healthy Living Plan
  • HumanaChoice R5826-070 P
  • HumanaChoice R5826-014 P
  • Any, Any, Any Gold MA Only
  • Any, Any, Any Gold
  • Health Net Ruby 1
  • Phoenix Advantage Select
  • Today"s Options Premier 200
  • Today"s Options Premier 400
  • Today"s Options Premier Plus 250A
  • Phoenix Advantage
  • Humana Gold Choice H8145-103
  • WellCare Value
  • Health Net Green
  • AARP MedicareComplete Plus
  • Health Net Ruby 4
  • Today"s Options Premier Plus 450D
  • AARP MedicareComplete
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-041
  • Today"s Options Premier Plus 450E
  • Health Net Ruby Select
  • WellCare Dividend
  • CareMore Value Plus
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-031
  • HumanaChoice H0317-004
  • CareMore StartSmart Plus
  • Blue Medicare Advantage Plus
  • CIGNA Medicare Select Plus Rx-Premium
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-033
  • UnitedHealthcare MedicareDirect Essential
  • Today"s Options Premier Plus 450B
  • Blue Medicare Advantage Premier
  • Cigna Medicare Select Plus Rx-Standard
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-030
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-032
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-039
  • HumanaChoice H0317-007
  • UnitedHealthcare MedicareDirect Rx
  • SCAN Classic
  • Blue Medicare Advantage Classic
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-038
  • AARP MedicareComplete Plan 1
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-040
  • Desert Canyon Community Care-Plus
  • StartSmart with CareMore
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-034
  • Universal Hassle-Free MA Only
  • Universal Hassle-Free
  • HumanaChoice H0317-006
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-035
  • Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan
  • Aetna Medicare Select Plan
  • HumanaChoice H0317-001