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MedicareWire is a Medicare insurance consulting agency. We founded MedicareWire in 2012 after seeing and hearing how confusing and frustrating it is for consumers to find, understand, and choose the best Medicare insurance. Our services are free to the consumer.

Our company’s mission is to make Medicare more transparent and accessible for America’s growing population of Medicare beneficiaries.  Our singular focus is to simplify complex decisions by providing free information and reports, and a simple, cheerful, and comprehensive enrollment experience with our partners.

We strive to remove the traditional roadblocks to information insurance carriers and marketers have put before consumers and empower them to find the benefits and quality care needed to take control of their healthcare experience.

Who is MedicareWire?

MedicareWire is owned and operated by David Bynon, a resident of Arizona. MedicareWire is not associated, endorsed, or authorized by the Social Security Administration or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), nor do we claim to be.

MedicareWire is a source of information related to the Medicare program and Medicare health insurance products in the United States of America. We offer Medicare beneficiaries free, personalized reports (our consulting service) that assist them in the selection of a health plan.

How is MedicareWire Different from Other Medicare Insurance Websites?

MedicareWire is dedicated to delivering a complete Medicare insurance enrollment experience. Think of us as your free Medicare plan concierge service, providing research, evaluation, and enrollment services.

We strive to be the only Medicare insurance site you need by providing:

  • All the top insurance companies (so you don’t have to shop elsewhere); and
  • Premium information so you don’t have to research elsewhere.

Medicare isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. Although a health plan may seem less expensive, because it has low monthly premiums, it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.  At MedicareWire, we connect you with the right information so you have the facts to make the best decision, with complete clarity and transparency, for your personal situation.

We combine research, content compliance, and state-of-the-art publishing to present Medicare plan information and help you find the coverage that best fits your individual needs.  You can connect with a licensed health insurance agent that can answer your questions and walk you through the best options based on your personal health and financial needs.

Is MedicareWire’s Service Free?

Yes, MedicareWire’s services are completely free. Consumers have no obligation to enroll in a plan.

At MedicareWire, we are committed to independent advice. Our partner insurance agents are equally dedicated to providing unbiased Medicare insurance advice.  Rest assured that agents will not try to upsell you or steer you into a plan that does not meet your needs.

Is it More or Less Expensive to Buy Insurance Through MedicareWire?

No. Whether you join a Medicare plan through us, an independent agent, or go directly to an insurance carrier, the cost to you will be the same. That’s the law.

Each insurance company files its prices with state and federal regulators annually, and all agents and brokers use those prices. It is illegal for us or any insurance agency to suggest a discount. But, you can save money by comparing insurance policies across the market. That’s how we can help.

Each insurance company competes to offer you coverage. As a consumer, you win by getting just the right amount and type of coverage you need at the best price possible.  At MedicareWire, we strive to create the tools and relationships to make this possible in one, seamless process.

Is MedicareWire Affiliated with Insurance Carriers?

No. MedicareWire maintains complete independence. We represent many insurance companies through a national health insurance broker. We have no bias to recommend one insurance carrier over another.

We work with all of the top national insurance companies. You can be confident that when you call to speak with one of our agents that they have a broad range of products to present to you. We’re serious about helping you find the right Medicare insurance for your needs.

Does MedicareWire Have State & Federal Endorsement?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information. MedicareWire contains informational content about Medicare and is not connected with any federal, state, or local government agency. We make every attempt to publish factually accurate information, however, we make no guarantees.

If you need more information about the U.S. Government Medicare program you can visit the Official U.S. Government website at

Plan Data

The Medicare plan information on this website comes from a combination of public and private sources, including To learn more about Medicare plans and benefits you may be eligible for, you can contact Medicare directly by calling 800-633-4227. They are available 7 days a week.

The website is available for educational purposes only. Our goal is to present information about Medicare plans accurately and without bias, based on our interpretation of factual information. However, this site is not intended as a substitute for legal, health, or financial advice from a licensed professional.

Medicare supplement plans are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the federal Medicare program. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) does not review or approve Medicare Supplement plan information.

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