Nursing Homes in Gaston County

Senior citizen, Nursing Homes in Gaston County, NCThere are 10 skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes in Gaston County, North Carolina. Each facility accepts new Medicare patients and is regularly inspected by CMS. If you do not find a nursing home in your area that is suitable to you then you will need to look in a nieghboring county or state.

The one to five star rankings are taken from data provided by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The government sets quality standards for all nursing homes enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. This is why we only list the Medicare approved homes.


Nursing Homes Inspections in Gaston County

All nursing homes in Gaston County, North Carolina that accept payment from the Medicare or Medicaid programs are highly regulated by both the state and federal government. State run inspection teams conduct health inspections every 12 to 15 months. Inspections cover a wide range of health and safety checks (over 180 items). The North Carolina based inspectors also investigate health-related complaints from residents and family.

Skilled nursing facility health inspectors evaluate food preparation, adequacy of infection control, medication management, residents’ rights, quality of life, proper skin care, and other critical areas. The five star rating assigned to each nursing home is based on the deficiencies uncovered by the inspection. In addition to health safety, inspectors check for compliance with fire safety regulations, but these safety issues do not factor into the final CMS rating.

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