Arkansas Medicare Part D Plans

We found 45 Medicare Drug Plans for seniors in Arkansas. Before making a final decision on your 2014 Part D Plan, you are encouraged to verify that the plan you want offers your prescription medications. This information is in the plan’s formulary.

As you may know, the Part D donut hole is not completely eliminated by the new healthcare law for a few more years. Be sure to compare costs on the most expensive medications you take before enrolling in a plan.


2014 Medicare Open Enrollment Starts October 15th and Ends December 7th!

Connect with a agent for your prescription drug plan. We maintain an exclusive list of Medicare insurance agents and agencies licensed to sell Medicare insurance in Arkansas. Click Here to see your agents. Request your confidential quote and compare rates, today!

Medicare Part D Plans in Arkansas Under the Affordable Care Act Law

If you are new to purchasing ObamaCare approved Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in Arkansas, or if you’d like to learn how they can help you afford your medications, be sure to read our Medicare Part D Plan FAQ information.  In Arkansas, ObamaCare regulates and closely monitors all Medicare Drug Plans. We do our best to make sure the information we publish is up-to-date and presented accurately.

Arkansas Medicare Supplement Plans and Part D Drug Plan Medicare Benefits

Remember, even with the recent healthcare reform changes, Medicare only covers 80% of your Part A (hospital) and Part B (doctor) bills in Arkansas. As a result, even a short inpatient hospital stay can cost you a bundle. To protect yourself and your family from high healthcare costs, from injury or illness, you can’t rely on your Original Medicare benefits alone. That’s why we publish a complete database of Medigap Plans available to seniors in Arkansas. Medicare supplemental insurance is regulated by your state board of insurance, not ObamaCare. Supplemental insurance is completely compatible with all Part D drug plans.

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