Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra PDP for California Seniors

Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra (PDP) Medicare Part D Plan by CIGNA Medicare Rx for qualified California residents.
CMS Rating:This Medicare drug plan has an average rating of 3.0
Plan Premium:
Pharmacy Co-Pay:$0.00
Initial Coverage Limit:$2,850.00
Pharmacy Mail Order:Yes
Gap Coverage:No Gap Coverage
Low Income Subsidy:No
Medicare Formulary:3618
PDP ID No:S5617-277
Plan Year:2014
Approved by CMS for:CA Residents
Rx Plan Type:National

2014 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Overview

Healthy California Medicare Part D Drug Plan: Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra (PDP) S5617-277Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra (PDP) is an approved Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for California seniors.

The annual premium is $693.60 ($57.80 monthly), and it carries a $0.00 deductible on all prescribed medications. With a zero dollar deductible you have first dollar coverage. Many plans have a policy deductible that must be paid in full prior to receiving prescription coverage assistance.

The CIGNA Medicare Rx formulary ID for this plan is 00014314, and it features 3618 FDA approved medications.

For all California seniors with Medicare benefits, there are two situations will change the amount you pay for you drug plan. First, if you qualify for the Extra Help program your premium may be lower. Second, if a premium penalty has been imposed on you for late entry, your premium will be a bit higher.

Here are a few Part D Plans that compare with Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra:

Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra Initial Coverage

ICP - the Initial Coverage Phase - is where you share the cost of your prescriptions with your insurance company. You and the carrier each pay your share until you hit the Initial Coverage Limit (ICL). In 2014, the ICL is $2,850. This number is adjusted each year. No deductible means your initial coverage phase begins immediately.

All prescription drugs fall into one of several tiers within the insurance carrier's drug formulary. Carriers use the formulary tiers to manage cost-sharing. Be aware that tiers are not standardized. In other words, carriers assign drugs to the tier they deem most suitable.

The pharmacy co-pay with the Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra (PDP) plan in California is tiered as follows:

Tier  Co-Pay AmountMedications in Tier
1$0.00408 Preferred Generics
2$5.001668 Non-Preferred Generics
3$38.00548 Preferred Brand Drugs
4$87.00554 Non-Preferred Brand Drugs
533%440 Specialty Drugs

The Initial Coverage Limit (ICL) is $2,850.00. This presdription drug plan does not qualify for the $0 LIS premium.

Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra (PDP) 2014 Coverage Gap

The prescription drug Coverage Gap (aka, "Donut Hole") is the coverage phase where you must pay all of your medication costs. You can learn more about costs in the donut hole by reading What is the Medicare Part D Donut Hole? When you reach the donut hole with the Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra (PDP) plan all depends on your prescriptions.

The Gap Coverage with this policy: No Gap Coverage

Plan Members

Nation wide, the number of seniors using the Cigna Medicare Rx Secure-Xtra policy is 0. In region 32 (your region) there are approximately 0 people with this policy (based on 2011 CMS statistics).

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More Information About CIGNA Medicare Rx

One of the largest health service companies in the US market, Cigna also operates internationally in 29 countries, and has approximately 66 million customer relationships worldwide. Headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, Cigna serves its customers with nearly 30,000 dedicated employees.

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