Medicare Insurance Plans State of West Virginia

2014 Medicare health insurance for West Virginia seniors

People with Medicare benefits in West Virginia have a full range of health insurance options. You can stay on Original Medicare and supplement with a Medigap and Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, or you can enroll in a private heath insurance plan through Medicare Advantage. What you elect is up to you. However, options vary state-to-state and county-by-county. This website will show you all of your options in West Virginia. Click on your county below to proceed.

Original Medicare Risks for West Virginia Seniors

As you might be aware, Original Medicare health insurance is not all inclusive. It's designed to cover major medical only, and it pay less than eighty percent (80%) of what it does cover, leaving you seriously exposed to financial disaster.

Most seniors on Medicare in West Virginia are totally unprepaired. That's because Original Medicare benefits cover less than half of all health related expenses. You read that right, only half.

This situation puts most West Virginia seniors at serious financial risk. The risk is the high out-of-pocket costs and huge piles of medical debt that result from a serious illness, a simple accident, or chronic health conditions, like mood disorders, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and hypertension.

A few of the critical services Original Medicare does not cover include prescription medications, vision, hearing, long-term care and routine foot care. You're on your own to pay for these services, on top of twenty percent of your major medical. The good news is that you can supplement your Medicare coverage with additional health insurance or replace it all together.

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