Medicare Insurance Plans State of Minnesota

2014 Medicare health insurance for Minnesota seniors

Seniors in Minnesota on Medicare have a wide range of health insurance options. Alternatives include private health insurance through Medicare Advantage, prescription coverage with a Medicare Part D plan, and Medigap insurance to supplement Original Medicare. This catalog of Medicare health insurance will show you the options you have in your county. To get started, click on your county below.

Financial Risks with Original Medicare in Minnesota

As you might be aware, Original Medicare health insurance is not all inclusive. It's designed to cover major medical only, and it pay less than eighty percent (80%) of what it does cover, leaving you seriously exposed to financial disaster.

It is shocking to most Minnesota seniors how little Original Medicare covers in the scope of total health care. For most seniors on Medicare the real figure is about fifty percent. That is correct, about half. Due to the high cost of medical care, Minnesota seniors risk massive healthcare debt on everything from accidents, a serious illness, and the out-of-pocket costs for doctor visits to manage chronic health conditions.

Original Medicare does not cover your prescriptions, dental, hearing, vision, routine foot care, or long-term care, and it leaves you on the hook for twenty percent of all major medical costs. The good news is that you can supplement your Medicare coverage with additional health insurance or replace it all together.

Interested in learning more about Original Medicare coverage and your options? Visit Original Medicare.