Humana Medigap Plan A Missouri Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Insurer Rating:Information Humana Insurance Company Medicare supplement insurance carrier rating of 4.5 out of 5.0
Part A Coinsurance:InformationYes
Part B Coinsurance:InformationYes
Part A Deductible:InformationNo
Part B Deductible:InformationNo
Part B Excess:InformationNo
Skilled Nursing:InformationNo
Foreign Travel:InformationNo
Annual Limits:InformationNo
Brochure PDF:InformationNot Available
Medigap Plan A
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Humana Insurance Company

Humana Medigap Plan A Overview

Humana Medigap Plan A Medicare supplement insurance for Missouri seniors on Medicare.Humana Medigap Plan A for Missouri is the most basic of all Medicare supplement plans. This supplemental health insurance policy covers some of the gaps in Original Medicare. It's easy to confuse Plan A with Medicare Part A, which covers inpatient hospital care. Plan A is optional health insurance that supplements portions of Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.

The Humana Medigap Plan A Medicare supplement policy covers:

Costs Associated with Humana Medigap Plan A

Humana Medigap Plan A offers the least benefits. Beneficiaries are responsible for covering the Part A deductible in full, which includes hospitalization costs, Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) care, hospice care, and some home health care services. This plan might be suitable if you have no desire to pay costly premiums for benefits you are not likely to use. However, be aware that enrolling in Humana Medigap Plan A has the potential for higher out-of-pocket costs should you require inpatient hospital care.

Most Medicare Supplement plans cover some or all of the Part A deductible. Humana Medigap Plan A may be less expensive when compared to other plan types, but the other plan types offer more coverage. Take this into consideration when choosing a plan, and how the risk of additional co-payment or coinsurance expenses can affect your finances.

Humana Insurance Company Insurance Rating

Humana Insurance Company has an "A-" rating from A.M. Best Company, the #1 source for insurance industry rating information. If this was a star rating it would be 4.5 out of 5 stars (Excellent).


Humana Medigap Plan A is available to all Missouri Medicare beneficiaries, ages 65 and older, that are enrolled in Medicare Part B. If you are just turning age 65, you have guaranteed issue rights and cannot be turned down. Plus, this insurance policy cannot be canceled. It will continue to be renewed as long as you pay the premiums on time and make no material misrepresentations.


Humana Medigap Plan A Medicare supplement insurance is available in Saint Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Lees Summit, O'Fallon, Saint Joseph, Saint Charles, Blue Springs, Saint Peters, Florissant, Joplin, Chesterfield and all other Missouri cities.

File Date: December 1, 2013.