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MedicareWire Updates for the 2015 Annual Election Period

We've made a lot of improvements to MedicareWire for 2015. There are several changes for this Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP):

  • All plan types are located in the same catalog (this page), making plan browsing easier.
  • Medicare insurance plan pages are tabbed to make information easier to find.
  • In addition to organizing information my state and county, we now offer a city view.
  • We've added primary care doctors and physicians that treat Medicare patients.
  • We now offer a toll-free line for plan assistance and enrollment with no obligation.

Although we have most Medicare primary care doctors in our database, and organized by city, we are in the early stages of development. Matching doctors with the insurances they accept is a difficult task. In fact, most health insurance carriers struggle to keep their doctor networks up-to-date. We'll do our best to publish accurate information, but highly recommend that you call your doctor to verify plan acceptance before you enroll.

If you need assistance, call us at 877-549-1452 (TTY 711) to speak with a Medicare Advisor.