Dental Insurance for Delaware Seniors

Good dental care is essential to the health of every senior, but it’s not covered by your Medicare Benefits. Here are the best Delaware dental insurance plans available. The insurance premiums shown are samples for you to use as a quick comparison only. Your actual price may be slightly different.

To get an exact monthly premium for your city in Delaware you need to get a quote from an agent. It’s fast, easy and confidential, and you can do it online.

HumanaOne Preventive Plus

Starting at: $18.24

IHC Group Apex Plan

Starting at: $33.98

IHC Group Bay Plan

Starting at: $19.96

IHC Group Ridge Plan

Starting at: $29.10

Security Life Plan I

Starting at: $18.45

Security Life Plan III

Starting at: $24.75

Security Life Plan V

Starting at: $31.90

UnitedHealthOne Dental Premier

Starting at: $44.77

UnitedHealthOne Dental Value

Starting at: $29.94


Delaware Dental Insurance Tips for Seniors

Most healthcare plans don’t offer dental care. Likewise, the Medicare and Delaware state regulations do not address this need, even though it’s critical to good health.

If you’re not familiar with dental insurance plans in Delaware and how they protect you from oral healthcare liability, read our Dental Insurance Plan Information page.  Dental insurance policies sold in Delaware are not standardized. For this reason, we offer complete information about all four types of Dental Insurance Coverage.

Delaware Prescription Drug Cards for Seniors

Most Medicare Part D insurance plans have limits on prescriptions, and the new ObamaCare law does little to reform prescription drug coverage (e.g., eliminated the donut hole) in 2013. If your doctor prescribes a costly, brand name drug you can easily reach your annual Medicare Part D plan limit. If you don’t have prescription coverage at all, you’re even more vulnerable to busting your budget. There’s an easy and FREE solution, it’s our Rx Discount Card. All you have to do is download, print and present it each time you pay for prescriptions.

Delaware Senior Healthcare Resources and Medicare Insurance Plans

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