AARP distances itself from Obamacare, insists it is a nonpartisan organization.

The AARP, which has squarely been in support of President Obama’s health care reform, put it to the president plain and simple. The group wants to be left out of his political talking points.

That was the message put in the AARP blog after the president twice mentioned the nation’s leading senior advocate group while defending Obamacare and pushing back on Mitt Romney’s plans for Medicare.

The AARP blog post indicated that while the group is “grateful” the candidates had a “robust” debate on health care, the organization does not align itself with either candidate.

While we respect the rights of each campaign to make its case to voters, AARP has never consented to the use of its name by any candidate or political campaign. AARP is a nonpartisan organization and we do not endorse political candidates nor coordinate with any candidate or political party.

The president included the AARP while debating Mitt Romney because the group offered their overwhelming endorsement of the Affordable Care Act earlier in his term, a move that some experts believe cost the AARP as many as 60,000 members.

And this is not my own — only my opinion. AARP thinks that the savings that we obtained from Medicare bolster the system, lengthen the Medicare trust fund by eight years. Benefits were not affected at all.
— Barrack Obama

The AARP, while heavily involved in the U.S. health care debate, explained that it is not taking sides in the presidential race itself, a clear change from their previous position.

Many, however, question the AARP’s objectivity in the national health care debate. As the number one sales organization of Medicare insurance plans, it’s difficult to see how the group would not align itself with the position that strengthens its financial interest.

Experts agree that the president’s health care law would produce windfall profits for AARP by forcing seniors off Medicare Advantage and into the Medigap supplemental coverage program. The AARP sells more Medigap policies than any other field marketing organization.

During Wednesday’s debate, Romney said that his plan for overhauling Medicare offers seniors a choice between traditional Medicare and private insurance (Medicare Advantage).

Obamacare requires that all individuals living in the United States purchase health insurance.¬† The AARP is a nation-wide advertiser for health and life insurance companies; thus it can’t be unbiased by the new law.¬†Insurance companies are positioned to make billions on Obamacare, and as the leading marketing organization to seniors, the AARP stands to profit from millions in commissions.

Recent political ads prominently feature AARP in support of Obamacare while denigrating the GOP’s plans for Medicare reform. This hardly puts the AARP in a nonpartisan position in the political arena. For the organization to now call itself nonpartisan is a blatant and misleading falsehood and an insult to the president.


Mr. Bynon is a Medicare benefits expert, senior rights activist, world traveler, proud U.S. Navy veteran and coffee achiever extraordinaire. Connect with him on Twitter @MedicareWire.